It is  said  that  knowledge  is  power  &     library  of  the  Vidyalaya  is  the storehouse of knowledge. This Vidyalaya has got a big spacious & well-furnished library having sitting capacity of 40 students at a time. At present there   are 4201 books on various subjects .The Vidyalaya library subscribes nearly 35 educational & general knowledge magazines & 11 newspapers in Marathi, Hindi & English.

          All   these   books   have   been arranged subject wise to facilitate the students &   teachers to get them easily as and when required .The   librarian issues these books to the students during library hours. E-Granthalaya software for library management has been installed and data is being entered regulary. Eduacational CDs are also available in library for teachers and students.


Book Bank: -

     In addition to the   above, a book bank is established in the classroom as well as in dormitories. The    parents / teachers / ex-students have been appealed to donate good books to enrich the knowledge of our students. The response of the parents /teachers /ex-students is encouraging. The librarian maintains record of the same.